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About PMAP

Purpose and Objectives of PMAP


PMAP is intended to provide the parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations operating under the auspices of the Diocese of Tyler with access to a greater number of investment options and capital project financing at a reduced cost.


By pooling investment capital from each of the parishes and the diocese, the diocese can offer a greater diversity of investment alternatives with professional investment management at a lower cost than might otherwise be obtainable by the parishes on an individual basis.


PMAP provides the framework through which the diocese may gather investment assets from its parishes to be invested on an aggregated basis for their mutual benefit. PMAP provides the necessary structure by which parishes may request and receive loans from the diocese.

PMAP has three components:

  1. Investment Facility

    1. On an aggregated basis provides professional investment management for diocesan and parish investment funds to meet the capital needs of the diocese and parishes and to build and maintain endowments.

    2. Funds aggregated under this program are invested according to the PMAP Investment Policy Statement.

  2. Loan Facility (Construction Loans)

    1. Makes available funds for capital projects and facility improvements to the parishes and other diocesan organizations at competitive rates.

  3. Funding Facility

The affairs of PMAP are managed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the member (Bishop of Tyler). The Board of Directors annually elects a Chairman, President, Treasurer (the diocesan controller), and Secretary, whose roles and responsibilities are defined in the PMAP bylaws.

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